12 Shocking Stats About Mental Health and Wellness

by Adventure Aide on February 4, 2019

How do you spend your day? Here at Adventure Aide, we’ve been focusing on the connection between the outdoors and our overall mental health and wellbeing. Throughout our research, we’ve stumbled across some crazy facts that made us do a double take. Are we really spending that much time in front of screens?? In this day and age, it’s damn near impossible to go fully off the grid, but we hope these stats will remind you to be more mindful about how you spend your time and the importance of unplugging every now and then.

1. The average person scrolls the height of Mt. Everest in a year…only 715 people actually summited in 2018.

2. The average American spends 93% of their life indoors. 87% is spent indoors and 6% is spent in automobiles.

3. 250 million hours of TV shows and movies are consumed DAILY via Netflix.

4. Walking not only relieves stress and boosts energy levels but also has the potential to improve memory and attention by up to 20%.

5. Average person spends 42% of their waking hours staring at a screen.

6. Psychologists found that backpackers scored 50% higher on creativity tests after spending a few days in the wild sans electronics.

7. 71% of people sleep with or next to their mobile phone.

8. Kids aged 5-16 average 6.5 hours screen time a day.

9. Studies suggests that spending 20 minutes in the open air gives your brain an energy boost comparable to one cup of joe.

10. The average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day / 17,155 a year.

11. United States is number three for highest smartphone usage worldwide. Led by China at #2 and Brazil at #1. (However, none of these countries rank in the top ten internationally for health or happiness.)

12. 25% of US children spend 4 hours or more watching TV daily instead of being physically active.