Escape The Summer Heat Wave: Learn to Surf!

by Amber Carbo on August 31, 2018

For those of us lucky enough to live near the ocean, surfing is the ultimate way to beat the heat. Finding relief from the Summer sun doesn’t require a ton of equipment or experience either! There are plenty of people willing to get in the water and help you learn a new skill. Whether you want to learn to surf in the big blue or try out wake surfing on the lake, there are a variety of options available up on the Adventure Aide app.

As a water-lover myself, I’ve used the app to find a few water activities to escape the summer heat waves we Southern Californians know all too well!

Yoga Surf – Santa Monica/ Venice

with Beach Yoga w/ Brad

Two of my favorite activities in one? Yes please! This was one of my first sessions I attended through the Adventure Aide app and I loved it. We met on the beach and went through a solid yoga routine, followed by an engaging surf lesson. The two instructors that team up for this adventure are both knowledgeable and helpful for us beginners.

Learn to Surf – Venice/ Marina Del Rey

with Josh Toedt

Josh has long been an outdoorsman and a water enthusiast. With the experience and equipment you need, he is ready to help you get in the waves and walk you through each step in learning to surf!

Entry-Level Slalom & Surf – Castic Lake

with Elias Koury

For those of us less experienced water-skiers, Slalom as a noun means “a ski race down a winding course marked by flags or poles”. On the water, this translates to a good time, especially if you go with an experienced guide like Elias. He will teach you everything you need to know to complete a course!

Wave & Surf Sessions – Malibu

with Chris Kowall

Chris offers a variety of surfing lessons, from beginner to refresher-courses to athlete-level, he truly tailors the training to your abilities. With a flexible schedule, he allows you to choose a day and time that works for you! Malibu has long been known for its surf-friendly waves and is the perfect place to spend time in the water.

Wake Day – Lake Nacimiento

with Kevin Hughes

Growing up, my family always took trips to Lake Nacimiento and wake surfing is the ultimate way to have a great time and cool off. Highly recommend trying this one out!

With lots of flexibility, and patience, these instructors help all students learn, improve, and practice their skills, as well and increase their comfort level in the water. As always, safety is a top concern. Knowing you are working with someone who is experienced can give you the confidence you need to pick up a new hobby.

What better way to combat summer heat waves than by jumping in the ocean waves‍.

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