Essential Guide to Utah’s Hot Springs

by Jess Darrington on January 8, 2019

It’s that time of year again when hot chocolate, toasty indoor fires, and hot springs become much sought after! Here’s a complete guide to all of the hot springs found in Utah. So whether you are currently living in the state, planning a future trip, or know that you’ll be driving through one day, this guide has got you covered.

Meadow Hot Springs- Fillmore, Utah

This awesome hot spring is found in a farmer’s field in the middle of nowhere. The location doesn’t get much better than that. If you are looking for a unique location and amazingly clear hot springs then this is the one for you! It’s so deep that scuba divers use it for training and practice! Please, please pick up after yourselves when you visit. The owner is gracious enough to continue to let us use it so be respectful. Better yet, grab a trash bag and on your short walk from the parking lot over to the hot springs pick up some litter! Let’s all do a better job at keeping local gems like this clean so everyone can continue to enjoy them. You’ll drive right by this hot springs if you a traveling from Salt Lake City to Southern Utah or vice versa. So next time you are traveling on I-15, plan to stop in the small town of Fillmore, Utah.

Mystic Hot Springs- Monroe, Utah

Mystic Hot Springs are located in Monroe, Utah. There you’ll find the coolest rustic bathtubs built into the side of beautiful red rocks. There are several different tubs scattered throughout the property that are filled with natural hot springs water. The bathtubs are perfect for a long soak by yourself or you can even bring your favorite adventure buddy along with you and share a tub!  If you do by chance come with a big group, they have a large pool that is filled with that same glorious hot springs water that probably would fit up to 15 people. Although there is not too much in the surrounding area it is still worth the drive to experience these hot springs! However, if you are looking to make a trip out of it you can rent cabins or RV’s that they have on their property for the night. You do need to pay an entry fee and swimsuits are required at this location.

Baker Hot Springs- Delta, Utah

This is a local hot spot for the residents of Delta, Utah but they are more than happy to share it with outside guests! There are three large tubs that can accommodate several people so bring your friends. What most love about these hot springs is the temperature is totally determined by you. There are two tubes that either fill the tubs with hot or cold water. So once you arrive you can get to work creating the perfect temperature that is right for you.

The driving directions are a little tricky to get here so follow these instructions. Once again, please clean up after yourselves! The locals do a great job of cleaning all the tubs and scrubbing them with bleach so they remain nice for all visitors. However, it totally should not be their responsibility to pick up trash. Let’s all do our part and keep Utah’s hot springs beautiful.

Fifth Water Hot Springs- Spanish Fork, Utah

Found at the top of a mountain, Fifth Water Hot Springs (sometimes called Diamond Fork Hot Springs) will not disappoint with its’ many waterfalls, vibrant blue water, and secluded location. There are several places to soak, each with varying temperatures. These hot springs require you to hike 5 miles round trip but it’s worth the extra effort to get there. Depending on road conditions, they can close the gate to the trailhead which means you have to park further and add a few extra miles to the hike. Before visiting, check All Trails to ensure that the gate is open. If you like soaking alone, get there early in the morning or else you’ll be sharing with several other hot spring goers. Swimsuits are not required at this location.

Saratoga Hot Springs- Saratoga Springs, Utah

These hot springs just may be the most scenic ones in Utah. Situated right next to Utah Lake, you’ll get an incredible view while soaking your cares away. There is one large natural pool at the end of the trail with several other small springs (fits 1-2 people) scattered around the area. If you show up and find that there are too many people in the large springs just start walking towards Utah Lake and you’ll stumble upon the smaller ones. The easiest way to find these hot springs is drive to Inlet Park and park in that lot. After you have parked, you’ll find a non-paved trail that connects the lot to the main pool. It’s about a ¼ mile walk to get to the large pool. Be warned though, depending on current weather conditions it can be quite muddy around the springs so bring shoes that can get dirty and bags to put them in once you reach the car.

Homestead Crater- Midway, Utah

If you’ve ever wanted to swim in a crater, here is your chance! Homestead Crater is one of those unique, once in a lifetime experiences so if you plan to visit Utah, put this on your bucket list. The crater is quite large and can hold a bunch a people so bring your favorite adventure buddies along for this one. Most people will come here to learn and practice scuba diving. However, if that’s not your thing they also rent out snorkeling equipment. If you just plan on relaxing, that’s cool too! Strap on a life jacket and enjoying floating in this warm, natural crater. You do need to pay an entrance fee but check Groupon before you buy because there are usually great deals listed there.

Crystal Hot Springs- Honeyville, Utah

This is a nice place to stop if you are either driving to or back from Idaho. These hot springs are maintained so there is an entrance fee that you must pay in order to soak in them. They are similar to Lava Hot Springs which are found in Idaho. This is a great place to go as a large group or family because there is so much room! For more information, you can visit their site.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and have put several (if not all) of these onto your bucket list!

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