Insider's Guide To RV Life

by Nash Carlson on April 20, 2019

Traveling across the country in an RV is an incredible experience that can lead to a lifetime of memories. Whether it is just a weekend trip or a month long journey, an RV can be that perfect home-on-the-road. That being said, here is a high level guide of what to consider when traveling in an RV!

Planning your routes

Obviously you’ll want to start with picking a destination, the places you want to see, and things you want to do. Next, you have to consider getting there in your RV! These home-on-wheels range in sizes so you’ll want to make sure you consider this when planning your route!

The biggest aspects to consider when planning your route are road restrictions, gas stations, and parking. You will want to make sure that the GPS is taking you down roads that are not too steep, windy, and have no height or length restrictions! Every RVers nightmare is getting caught in a situation where they are stuck on a road!

Planning for gas stations is important as your rig may use a lot more gas than you expect, and if you are traversing the desert for hundreds of miles you will want to make sure you do not end up stranded with no gas in sight!

And most importantly, always plan for parking. Oversized parking is not always available at all destinations. The trick to parking with an RV is to get creative. Look for parking spots off the beaten path. If you are visiting a very touristy destination, avoid the packed parking lot by parking at the parking lot down the road. Or if you are heading to a trailhead, check for pullouts on the road leading up to the trail.

Finding a place to camp

RVs are self-contained, meaning you rarely need any amenities and could technically camp anywhere. However, you have to consider if camping overnight in an area is allowed or if it is safe! There are many apps and website available online to aid in helping a spot to camp for the night.

The places you can camp range from parking lots to RV resorts. No matter what your style is, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to stay. One of our favorite places to camp is on BLM land as it is free, secluded, and typically surrounded by amazing views.  If you want more amenities, such as pools and saunas, an RV resort may be best for you! Picking a place to camp for the night will come down to convenience and amenities. Across the country we have ended up staying on farms, Walmart parking lots, RV resorts, and even wineries. Keep an open mind!

Less stuff

Traveling in an RV means you are very limited on living and storage space. This is where being a minimalist mindset is important. Do you really need that many pairs of shoes or all of those shirts? Use this as excuse to get rid of the stuff you have been hoarding! Consider the fact that the more stuff you have in the RV leads to worse gas mileage. Only bring the essentials. Enjoy it!

While we have only scratched the surface, these tips will help you in your future RV adventures. RVs can be the perfect travel rig, just be sure to do your due diligence before setting out on the road. Stay safe and always enjoy the journey!

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