New App Features: 6 Home Feed & Personalization Updates

by Adventure Aide on June 4, 2019

Welcome to the new Adventure Aide home feed, created for a sleek and more personal experience to help you discover your next adventure! Allow us to introduce six home feed updates that we think are pretty badass.

1. Welcome screen:

Upon opening the app, the new home screen will now greet you and include your location and the local weather. As you scroll, new sections sort and feature adventures in new and improved ways.

2. What Do You Want to Do:

Pick a category (or what we call a “theme”) for a type of adventure including:

  • Break a Sweat
  • Take a Trip
  • Meet New Friends
  • Get to Know the Area
  • Learn Something New
  • Clear Your Mind
  • Make an Impact
  • Get Outside My Comfort Zone

3. New Adventures:

This shows the latest and greatest, as in adventures that were added most recently and ranked by closest to you.

4. Calendar Grid:

Select a timeframe to search adventures based on your availability today, tomorrow, this weekend or beyond.

5. Adventures Just For You:

Personalize your own list of adventures by selecting themes you are most interested in. Refer to this highlight reel for your customized adventure recommendations.

6. Map:

Explore adventures that are near or far from you and pinpointed by spend.

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