Reasons to Visit Big Bend National Park

by Nash Carlson on March 11, 2019

With so many beautiful National Parks to pick from, it can sometimes be hard to decide where your next adventure will be. Located in the southwest corner of Texas hides the spectacular Big Bend National Park. Being more than six hours away from any major city, Big Bend National Park is the definition of secluded. On all of our visits to Texas’s Big Bend, we have been absolutely awe-struck. Aside from the breathtaking views that every National Park provides, here are some of the reasons you should make the journey to Big Bend on your next trip!

Hiking Trails

Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails in this park to appreciate all of its beauty. Choose between mountain, river, or desert hikes to see the different areas of this diverse park. Many of the river hikes will take you along the US-Mexican border to various vistas and hot springs, while meandering desert trails take you through and around impressive rock structures. For unbeatable views, climb one of the many peaks to see the park from above.

Our favorite hike: Emory Peak. This strenuous 10.5 mile hike takes you to the top the tallest peak in the park!


Being so isolated has its perks! Big Bend is one of the best places in all of North America to see the stars. The light pollution in this park is almost non-existent, making thousands of stars viewable with the naked eye. If you really want to take it to the next level, bring your own telescope to get an incredible view of the night sky. Whether you want to see the entire Milky Way for the first time or want to try out astro-photography, Big Bend is the perfect place.


Big Bend’s Chisos-Basin Campground provides amazing views and camping in a centrally located area of the park. This campground alone is worth visiting the park for. Surrounded by enormous rocky cliffs during the day and brightened by the stars and moon at night, Chisos-Basin is perfect for relaxing by the campfire after a long day of adventures. One of the park’s popular trails, the Window Trail, is also walking distance from this campsite.


While exploring this park you will most certainly come across some of the local wildlife that live in this area of the country. In all of our travels, we have come across more wildlife in Big Bend than any other. Whether this was sure-luck or due to the fact that Big Bend has significant less visitors every year can be debated. However, keep an eye out for black bears, tarantulas, mountain lions, and snakes; to name only a few!

As always, check with a ranger before exploring this park to confirm trail, road, and campground conditions. Enjoy your adventure to Big Bend National Park and beyond.

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