The Central Coast’s Best Rainy Day Outdoor Adventures

by Molly O'Brien on March 21, 2018

For some, a rainy day means staying bundled up inside with a hot cup of tea. But for us, it’s an opportunity for an epic adventure. Rather than letting the wet weather dampen your fun, try taking advantage of the muddy trails and stormy seas with these outdoor activities made even better when the sky opens up… and don’t be afraid to get a little (or a lot) wet!

Take a trek on a muddy hike

Before you let the gray clouds get you down, remember that all the beautiful flowers and and green grass are made possible from the water. Hiking in the rain is a whole new exciting experience. Make sure to prepare well for your trip by adjusting the gear and clothing accordingly. Lightweight dry sacks, waterproof cases, and rain covers for your day pack will save you from sopping essentials later in the day. Grab an old pair of hiking or running shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and embrace the mud! If you’re going on a full day adventure, we recommend packing an extra pair of dry socks.

Photo by Outdoor Research

Home made slip and slide

Tarp+water falling from the sky+a small hill = the easiest and most water conserving slip and slide ever. On beach dunes or a grassy hill, pick a spot away from any potential hazards such as trees, or ground obstacles such as rocks or potholes. Grab some soap, set up your tarp, and slide away!

Storm watch

What better way to appreciate the raw force of mother nature than to sit on a beach and observe the storm take place firsthand? Set up camp somewhere free of risk and watch the ocean go crazy, giving you the chance to think about how powerful the natural environment really is. The dunes in Montana de Oro has a great vantage point for crashing waves.

Wet sand beach art

Even if you’re no Picasso, beach art is one of the most fun ways to enjoy the wet weather and take advantage of the saturated sand. From drippy sand castles to using a stick drawing, carving your mark on the entire beach can only be made possible only after a solid rainstorm.

Hot springs swim

When it’s cold and wet outside, the hot springs are still steaming hot. Natural warm water pools like the Gaviota Hot Springs can be a great place to hang out and enjoy the rain without having to worry about how you’re already getting wet!

Skim board the surf

Skim boarding 2.0: storm edition. Regular skim boarding is great, but when the tide is high and the waves are flowing strong, skim boarding on the ocean in the rain is a great way to take it to the next level.

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