There’s no telling where a string of yes' will take you.

by Jaymie Shearer on June 30, 2017

For the past two months, I have been living by the motto ‘build the plane as it flies’ all the while trying to keep my head above water. You see, this is my first season as a canyoneering guide in southern Utah and there is so much to do at any and every moment of the day.

When work is over, play begins.

The invitations to get out and try new things are in abundance. I am constantly in awe at how excited this community is to teach and introduce others to new things. To be a beginner is no easy thing. There’s an odd bag of emotions and insecurities that comes along with trying something for the first time.

Earlier in the season I was on the receiving end of this via an invitation to join a mountain biking trip to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. I can’t say I’ve mountain biked more than once before hopping in the car towards the Rainbow Rim Trail but that didn’t matter. This trip was about learning, playing, challenging oneself, and having a good time.

After many moments of feeling pushed out of my comfort zone, wishing I had worn extra padded shorts, and holding no shame in walking my bike up a few hills. The point of the trip wasn’t to be the best. It was to put yourself someplace new and see what happens.

I walked away from this trip with a new love for mountain biking and a deep appreciation for the community that introduced me to it. So, from my season of discovery to yours, I hope that the next time you have the opportunity to say yes to something that scares you a little bit, you won’t let no be the final answer.

How else will you discover where ‘yes’ may lead you?

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