Top 5 Outdoor Activities in Santa Barbara

by Cassidy Seckman on June 12, 2018

They don’t call Santa Barbara the American Riviera for nothing. From kayaking at Stearn’s Wharf to bouldering at Lizard’s Mouth, SB is one of our favorite playgrounds on the California coast, complete with sweeping ocean views backed by trail-laden mountains. Although the adventures are endless, we’ve narrowed down our top five ways explore Santa Barbara.

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Sailing Lesson

Aide: Chuck Bloom

Learn the basics of sailing and the steps necessary to get certified! You’ll cruise along Santa Barbara’s coastline and hopefully see marine wildlife such as dolphins, whales or sea lions. This adventure is designed to be educational and fun, a hands on experience for anyone interested in learning more about sailing.

Bikepacking: A Wilderness Adventure

Aide: Jeff Butler

This in-depth tour explores Santa Barbara’s vast, beautiful, fascinating, unique nature backcountry. This bikepacking trip will allow you to explore places in the Santa Barbara backcountry very few people have ever seen. (Note that while fires have impacted a small percentage of Los Padres National Forest, there remains a vast amount of unburied, lush, vibrant terrain.) You’ll be treated to amazing views (on clear days, all the way from the Channel Islands to the Sierras!), perennial springs, Chumash pictographs, gorgeous wildflowers, big stars, and a sense of deep peace that accompanies being with good company in an extraordinary setting.

Hike Inspiration Point

Aide: Skye Ramseyer

This adventure will take you to an inspiration view from a popular viewpoint along Mission Canyon near the botanical garden the walk to the Trail head in .7 miles away from the parking. And is uphill. This trail is beautiful and uphill most of the way. Take it slow or fast its up to you! Lets feel inspired!

Kayak Santa Barbara’s Waterfront

Aide: SB Adventure Company

See the American Riviera from a unique perspective—this journey takes you kayaking through the harbor, along beautiful beaches, past sea lions and kelp forests and around the historic pier. Keep an eye out dolphins!

Yoga for Surfers

Aide: Nikke DeLeon

Are you a surfer, swimmer, or paddler who not only wants to improve at their hobby but also wants to stretch and strengthen your surfing muscles? Then this adventure is for you! In this class you will receive uniquely tailored poses to cater to your needs as a surfer. This 60 minute class will leave you feeling strong, stretched, aligned and informed about your body and how it functions when you are performing the sports you adore.

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