October 5-7, 2018
Sturtevant Camp in Angeles National Forest

What is the Everest Challenge?

The Everest Challenge is all about bringing an epic adventure to our own backyard. Teams will compete against each other in a relay style adventure race up from “base camp” to the top of Mount Zion accumulating the equivalent elevation as summiting Mount Everest. This challenge takes something that is seemingly unattainable (climbing Mt. Everest) and gives people access to overcome the obstacles and achieve it. This is a completely unique experience happening just a few miles outside Los Angeles city limits.




The Race

We plan to recreate the traditional Everest ascent with a base camp, as well as camps one, two, three, four and of course the summit. Race day is October 6th, starting before sunrise.
  • Teams of 3
  • Relay style race from Sturtevant Camp to the Summit of Mount Zion — 26x per team
  • Elevation equivalent of 11,950 ft. (from basecamp 17,500 ft. to summit 29,050 ft. at Everest)
  • Trail is 1.5 miles uphill to Mount Zion Summit
The race is expected to take 9 hours to complete with a time cap of 11 hours or until the last group has finished the race.

The Campout

The Everest Challenge takes place at Sturtevant Camp in Angeles National Forest. Sturtevant Camp is located in the upper reaches of Big Santa Anita Canyon, the hike into camp is a little over four miles from the trailhead. Everest Challenge participants will hike in Friday afternoon, compete in the race on Saturday and hike out on Sunday morning.

In addition to the race, the weekend will include other activities including an outdoor movie, campfire music, games (horseshoes, archery, rampshot, badminton, etc.), and more. All food and drink will be provided for teams.

Join in the Everest Challenge

$50 per person ($150 per team)


The Weekend


• Afternoon Hike - 4 miles from trailhead to Sturtevant Camp
• Outdoor Screening of "Everest"
• Guest Speaker


• 6 AM — Everest Challenge Race Begins
• Basecamp activities throughout the race: flag designing, games, music, etc.
• Awards Ceremony
• Post Race Celebration


• Morning Hike back to Trailhead from Sturtevant Camp

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